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Arriving in the Compte

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Beaches of Comte
Compte beach - Cala Conta

In the municipality of Sant Josep we can find the beaches of Cala Conta Compte or about fifteen miles from Ibiza and Sant Josep thirteen. We can access by road, by car or bicycle, or bus, using the liner during the summer. If we choose the vehicle itself, we take to the roads of Port d'es Torrent , or from St. Augustine, in response to signals. I recommend you use the car, as though there is a pretty good straight, the road has a couple of curves become more complicated if there is dirt or sand on the road. There are not many accommodation around.

That meet at Cala Conta

Actually it is a small beaches conujunto are distributed by a low coast coast with very fine sand, separated by small rocky areas from each other. It has about half a mile long and quite variable in width from fifteen to thirty meters. There is even an area of ??artificial platforms in a tiny cove where we can access a wading poola natural strongly protected in the days of surf.

The beaches of Cala Conta

The fund alternating shallow sandy areas with rocky areas where we can surprise us with some considerable proportions silvia to diving. The slope is very gentle on the sandy areas, featuring plains over fifty meters in which swim without fear of depth.

El wind is usually weak, but sometimes can get quite intense and blowing in the direction variable.

The views to a group of islands and the sparkling waters make it one of the favorite beaches for the residents of Sant Antoni , who frequent it quite often.

I've spent a whole summer bathing on this beach. Tienand the sand enough to play sports shovel. If you plan to dive, I recommend you access the small pier which is right on the beach of Cala Conta. The waters are very calm and can dive safely. If you like more private coves, before entering the park and the beach there is a path that goes left. Follow the path untilover and find a cove that is only accessible by ladder very, very steep, or boat. Just do not forget anything on the road as there is no place to buy anything.

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