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Arriving at Cala Pada

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Cala Pada

In the municipality of Santa Eulalia can find the beach of Cala Pada about eighteen kilometers from Ibiza and about two miles from the parish of Santa Eulalia. We can access by road, by car or by bicycle or bus if we visited in summer, and can also accessr by sea through tourist boats designed for that purpose. If we chose the overland route access road coming out of the north and taking the road towards Cala Pada.

We find in Cala Pada

The beach stretches about two hundred yards long by ten wide. It is guarded by two incoming ocean that make up a small bay covered with typical Mediterranean vegetation.


The sand of Cala Pada

The sand is semigruesa, banks from the seabed. This bed has irregular sections, but not less than two meters depth of about fifteen meters from the shore.

In bathing areas, the slope is quite smooth, about thirty yards away pudiéndonos the shore without the water reaches cover us.

The winds usually blow in this area within the cove soft, almost always in the direction of land.

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Bus to Cala Pada

Line 24 Es Canar - Santa Eulària- Aeropuerto


H.Cala Nova-H.Coral Playa-Punta Arabí-S´Argamassa-Santa Eulària- Sa Creu- Ca na Negreta- Can Marçà-Cala Pada-Cala Martina-Pàrquing des Canar-H.Miami

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Accommodation closest to Cala Pada

Hoteles Apartamentos S'Argamassa Palace A 279meters approx.

Along the beach at Cala Pada, among trees with the purest Mediterranean flavor, is the Palace Hotel Apartments s'Argamassa.

Apartamentos Los Arcos A 352meters approx.

Beaches near Cala Pada

S'Argamassa A 767meters approx.

In the municipality of Santa Eulalia beach can find S 'Argamassa about eighteen kilometers from Ibiza and about two miles from the parish of Santa Eulalia.

Niu Blau A 1010meters approx.

Des Niu Blau beach in the municipality of Santa Eulalia and we can find some seventeen kilometers from Ibiza and about two miles from the center of the parish of Santa Eulalia.

Ca Na Martina A 1300meters approx.

In the municipality of Santa Eulalia beach can be found Ca Na Martina Aunos twenty kilometers from Ibiza and about six of Santa Eulalia.

People closest to Cala Pada

A 4Km approx.

The human presence in this town is set in the prehistoric era.

Sant Carles A 5Km approx.

Located about six kilometers from the center of Santa Eulalia is the parish of Sant Carles de Peralta, or San Carlos.

Sant Vicent A 9Km approx.

  Located north of the town of Sant Carles and within the municipality of Sant Joan, Sant Vincent we de sa Cala.

Clubs nearest Cala Pada

Pachá A 16Km approx.

Speaking of Pacha Ibiza without saying something that has not been said at this point, seems to us quite complicated.

Discoteca Privilege Ibiza A 17Km approx.

If there is a place in the nightlife known for its enormous size (eight thousand) and his distinctive style, that's the nightclub Privilege Ibiza.

Amnesia A 18Km approx.

The journey along the route of the clubs, few, very few have the history, charism and international relevance of the Amnesia Ibiza.

nearest tourism Cala Pada

Museo Barrau A 4Km approx.

Right in the Puig de Missa, a privileged location, opposite the door of the church is the house-museum dedicated to Barcelona Laureà Barrau i Buñol.

Iglesia de Puig de Missa A 4Km approx.

Puig de Missa is the name given to the raised area of the castle church, presiding Santa Eulalia.

Museo Etnológico A 4Km approx.

Within the nucleus of Puig de Missa can visit the Ethnological Museum of Can Ros.

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