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How to get to is Cavallet

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It Cavallet
Es Cavallet Beach

The beach is Cavallet is known to the inhabitants of the island as a nude beach, particularly among the gay preference. However, today, the beach is not exclusive place for either side or other, being able to qualify as one of the beaches where they are respected the natural landscape that surrounds it.

Access to this beach is fromRoundabout Sant Jordi, a town in the municipality of Sant Josep found halfway between the airport and Ibiza . If we are on the highway, we must leave it to get an indication of Sant Jordi, and immediately seek roundabout on the outskirts of the village, towards the airport, where encontraremos signaling to the beach of Ses Salines in the following deviation from the airport. Once we continue down the road, find the exit to Cavallet is well signposted.

You will find in Cavallet

The road to the beach is quite narrow in some sections, in which we give in or let us give way, but we can go while enjoying the scenery of the salt, a plain separated by large rectangles where the water dry sea, giving way to a foam which gradually become salt.

At the end of the road, having a left turn, shall seeWe an ancient water mill, which starts from the parking free, but we can also access a small parking place. Before entering the beach area, we can see the salt at its best if we go back a few steps. Due to the shallowness of the area, and the rich vegetation, wading birds are a good place to eat. Not to bestrange to see some flamenco or heron pecking the bottom of a salt.

Nature is Cavallet

When you get off the car the first thing that strikes us is a small tent covered by reeds, curiously integrated into the landscape, where you can buy a souvenir or some cream for the body. The high salinity of this water makes them particularly Importantand skin protection. After walking a few meters across the sand, we discovered a perfectly decorated bars invite you to make something cool. Some old houses low and a few meters from the shore and a sailor stands up the remains of civilization.

Looking at the beach of Es Cavallet, with more than one kilometer long, find a very fine sand, that sand enters into a sea of ??azure waters, with little depth in the first meters. Background, a group of islands giving way to Formentera. The wind usually blows loose in a relaxed and deeply respectful.


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Line 11 Eivissa-Sant Jordi-Ses Salines


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How to get to Es Cavallet Beach

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