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It Codolar

In the municipality of Sant Josep we can find the beach d'is Colodar about ten kilometers from Ibiza and twenty of the village of Sant Josep. Notable among the main beaches of Ibiza.

The beach is quite long, about tres miles long by fifteen wide. It is characterized by a very open beach deck boulders. At the beginning of the beach can enontrar rocky areas with small coves ideal for swimming. Mornings tend to be spectacular, and sometimes on very calm, dolphins can be seen a hundred yards from the beach, making andl in an idyllic landscape.

It is within Codolar

The seabed is composed of boulders on the shore, alternating with a few sandy banks meters of vegetation. It is a shallow beach, founding seventy-five feet to three feet deep and six feet to reach the fifty yards from shore.

West orientation prevents quand strong winds blow so discard this place for water sports that require wind to the sails.

Features of the beach des Codolar

One of the great attractions of this beach are the views of the salt, salt an old farm with a spectacular view. Another beautiful view is from the cliffs of Cap d \ 'es Falco at the far end of the beach.

To access this beach we can take the road towards the canal, taking the road located inkilometer four. Ideally, the visit by car, but also be accessible by bicycle. You can also visit by bus, taking the line that goes in the direction of the canal, stopping at the junction. From there, we will walk down to the beach, so it is highly recommended not to go too loaded. We can also access, es most recommended, on the road to Sa Caleta leaving from the airport towards Sant Josep. We should be careful because just before you reach the only store in the area, located to the left of the road, find a small road that leads to the beach.

We can find a beach bar, so you never need to carry food or drinks on our visit, although the protective elements typical beach one day, especially considering that when an area close to the salt, your water has high salt content, increasing the effect of sunlight on the skin.

It is an ideal place for diving and where tourists hardly find among those who put our towel. Although not classified as beachnude, many of their occupants practice nudism because of the lack of public in the area. If you do not like the sand, no doubt, this is your beach.

We recall that we are in the marine reserve is Freus, so that you can not engage in fishing.

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Bus to Playa d´es Codolar

No buses arriving Playa d´es Codolarso we recommend arriving by car to the beach. You can find deals on Looking for car hire in Ibiza

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How to get to It Codolar

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Agroturismo CAN TONI A 5Km approx.


Hotel Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort is at the end of Playa d'en Bossa ' bordering the Ses Salines Natural Park and ending the route of the clubs with the proximity of Space.

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In the municipality of Sant Josep , we Cala Bol Nou, better known as Sa Caleta.

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In the municipality of Sant Josep we can find the beach of Es Xarcu, about eight miles from Ibiza and Sant Josep nine.

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Sant Jordi de Ses Salines is one of the most industrialized parishes of the island.

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Sant Josep de Sa Talaia is a town nestled between mountains, although its size and economic importance make it an ideal place for lovers of the countryside to the sea lovers.

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Space A 7Km approx.

Known initially as the largest island of the After Hours, the challenge to the authorities for the "common good" (rightly or not, can not believe that politicians on the island do something for the common good) limited the opening of this type of local specific days.

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According to archaeologists, the Phoenician site of Sa Caleta was the origin of the current Ibiza.

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The monument to salt is behind the church of Sant Francesc de  S'Estany .

Iglesia de Sant Francesc A 5Km approx.

The parish church of Sant Francesc de Paula is presiding over Sant Francesc d'Estany.

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