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It's Pas de S'Illa de Bosc. Available to few

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It's Pas de S'Illa des Bosc
Es Pas de s'Illa des Bosc

It's Pas de S'Illa de Bosc is one of the three beaches that make up the bay of Sant Miquel. His translation gives us an idea of what we're going to find. The Passing of the island forest. And that is Pas de S'Illa de Bosc is a sandy stretch even joins a small island covered with pine, which is not very common by the way. The island is privately owned andis considered the world's most expensive island. However, the way to the beach is public, but no less complicated.

Despite the beach cercaniía Moltons Cala and the beach of Port de Sant Miquel, road access is completely different. We start from Sant Miquel to the Port de Sant Miquel, and the third left turn, the firstright if we left the harbor, take a route that enters through pine forest. Once on the road around the mountain should we have left to the right, leaving the road and taking the dirt road. After completing nearly round, discovered a left shift, Torre des Molar, so we kept straight. The next turning leaves, this time on the shores of Es Pas de S'Illa of Bosc


You will find in Pas de S'Illa de Bosc

The beach has an area of ??about eighty feet, almost double, for two hundred feet wide. We say double because this stretch is surrounded by water on both sides, with the north face the most rugged and battered by the sea and the south side, a noble beach overlooking the port of Sant Miquel and much calmer waters.

Makes the difficult access have few visitors,although the beach is well signposted and even have a snack bar. In some boats anchored outside and from the attractions of the port, the odd curious about his canoe. The reason is simply to take a look at Illa de Bosc.

Another notable pntos Es Pas de S'Illa de Bosc are your views, especially the large island of Illa Murada.

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No buses arriving Es Pas de s'Illa des Boscso we recommend arriving by car to the beach. You can find deals on Looking for car hire in Ibiza

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Hotel Cartago A 630meters approx.

Carthage is located hotel on the beach of Puerto de San Miguel, north of the island.

Hotel Galeon A 634meters approx.

Galleon Hotel is located in the Port de Sant Miquel.

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Cala Moltons A 523meters approx.

Moltons Creek is a creek north of the island in the municipality of Sant Joan.

Port of San Miguel A 701meters approx.

The Port of San Miguel is located on the northern tip of the island in the municipality of Sant Joan.

Cala Benirrás A 1867meters approx.

We can find Benirràs Creek in the town of Sant Joan , between the towns of Sant Miquel and Sant Joan, taking the road between the two parishes.

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Sant Miquel A 3Km approx.

Sant Miquel is a small town, almost village, located half way between Sant Joan municipality to which it belongs, and Sant Antoni.

A 7Km approx.

  Sant Llorenç Balàfia, or San Lorenzo, is a rural, with virtually no urban center, located in the municipality of Sant Joan.

Sant Mateu A 8Km approx.

Speaking of San Mateo can not refer to a people, not even a village.

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If there is a place in the nightlife known for its enormous size (eight thousand) and his distinctive style, that's the nightclub Privilege Ibiza.

Amnesia A 16Km approx.

The journey along the route of the clubs, few, very few have the history, charism and international relevance of the Amnesia Ibiza.

Pachá A 19Km approx.

Speaking of Pacha Ibiza without saying something that has not been said at this point, seems to us quite complicated.

nearest tourism Es Pas de s'Illa des Bosc

Torre des Molar A 351meters approx.

Next to the port of Sant Miquel, we find the Torre des Molar, part of the defense of the island.

Cuevas de Sant Miquel A 605meters approx.

The caves of Port de Sant Miquel are known as the Caves Can Marca.

Iglesia de Sant Miquel A 3Km approx.

This church-fortress dates according to the official version of the seventeenth century, although many authors date its construction in the thirteenth century, settled on the basis of much earlier buildings.

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