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Arriving at the Port of San Miguel

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Port de Sant Miquel
Port of San Miguel

The Port of San Miguel is located on the northern tip of the island in the municipality of Sant Joan. Access from Ibiza is pretty straightforward. You have to go towards Santa Eulalia and take the road about five miles to Santa Gertrudis. Once we get into the town without deviating from the carretera see a left turn with an indication to the Port of San Miguel.

The road leads directly to the same port, where the first thing we find is a large walk in a straight line down to the beach. On the right we find, almost carved on the rock, the Club San Miguel, a resort with stunning views. In fact, if you take the road howards the hotel, and avoiding getting into the car park, you can climb to the entrance of the caves of San Miguel, where you will find a veranda overlooking the harbor, and Cala Moltons and Pas de s'Illa.

To the left of the walk you will find hotels a few meters from the beach and restaurants to enjoy a wonderful grilled fish.

An idyllic place in the Port of San Miguel

Once at the beach first thing we see is a rugged coastline, with plenty of ribs, more pronounced on the right, where a rock protrudes dramatically. The port is immersed in a closed and protected cove. In this area we can see some docks and boarding area where we can enjoy a spectacular tour of the harbor shore. A continuation find the bathroom area, fully enclosed with a post.

Activities at the Port of San Miguel

Be careful with the slope at the time of bathing, it is quite pronounced, and a few meters we maintain the buoyancy of clear water, almost idyllic.
On the left side of the harbor bath is prohibited, as is zpra used one input and output embaraciones recreation of all kinds.

And in the Port of San Miguel nature and fun are not incompatible. The vast amount of water attractions join activities such as volleyball or practicing the trekking. For this activity we recommend special footwear and great care, because if it is true that one can spot places  margins and extraordinary beauty, the area is also famous for its sharp slopes and beautiful cliffs.

From here you can access Cala Moltons following a path very rocky, and from Cala Moltons to Pas de s'Illa. Or you can opt for a car rental in San Miguel ptough economy.


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Bus to Puerto de San Miguel

Line 22 Sant Antoni - Port de Sant Miquel


Sant Antoni - Santa Gertrudis - Port de Sant Miquel - Sant Miquel - Sant Rafel

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Line 37 Port de Sant Miquel - Es Canar


Port de Sant Miquel - Es Canar

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Accommodation closest to Puerto de San Miguel

Apartamentos PORT BALANSAT A 23meters approx.

Apartamentos Torremar A 155meters approx.

Hotel Cartago A 190meters approx.

Carthage is located hotel on the beach of Puerto de San Miguel, north of the island.

Beaches near Puerto de San Miguel

Cala Moltons A 322meters approx.

Moltons Creek is a creek north of the island in the municipality of Sant Joan.

Cala Benirrás A 1813meters approx.

We can find Benirràs Creek in the town of Sant Joan , between the towns of Sant Miquel and Sant Joan, taking the road between the two parishes.

Cala Xarraca A 7Km approx.

We can find Cala Xarraca in the municipality of Sant Joan .

People closest to Puerto de San Miguel

Sant Miquel A 3Km approx.

Sant Miquel is a small town, almost village, located half way between Sant Joan municipality to which it belongs, and Sant Antoni.

A 7Km approx.

Sant Llorenç Balàfia, or San Lorenzo, is a rural, with virtually no urban center, located in the municipality of Sant Joan.

Sant Mateu A 8Km approx.

Speaking of San Mateo can not refer to a people, not even a village.

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Discoteca Privilege Ibiza A 14Km approx.

If there is a place in the nightlife known for its enormous size (eight thousand) and his distinctive style, that's the nightclub Privilege Ibiza.

Amnesia A 15Km approx.

The journey along the route of the clubs, few, very few have the history, charism and international relevance of the Amnesia Ibiza.

Pachá A 18Km approx.

Speaking of Pacha Ibiza without saying something that has not been said at this point, seems to us quite complicated.

nearest tourism Puerto de San Miguel

Cuevas de Sant Miquel A 389meters approx.

The caves of Port de Sant Miquel are known as the Caves Can Marca.

Torre des Molar A 985meters approx.

Next to the port of Sant Miquel, we find the Torre des Molar, part of the defense of the island.

Iglesia de Sant Miquel A 3Km approx.

This church-fortress dates according to the official version of the seventeenth century, although many authors date its construction in the thirteenth century, settled on the basis of much earlier buildings.

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