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Arriving at Cala San Vicente

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Cala San Vicente
Cala San Vicente

In the municipality of Sant Joan can find the beach of Cala San Vicente, more than thirty kilometers from Ibiza and about nine of Sant Joan. The cove is surrounded by mountains, giving the feel of a beach in the middle of a landscape t moduland, phenotypically Mediterranean, with pine-covered hills. This is a beach long enough to be a creek, about four feet long by thirty wide. The best way to access road is in his own car. If you choose the bike Queno consider to be treated exactly a walk. Also available is a regular bus line to the same cove.

We find in Cala San Vicente

The beach consists of natural sand which receives inputs from marine sand banks in the area. These seafloor rocks can be found at shallow depth, with plenty of water vegetation that provide shelter for all kinds of marine species, making it palatable enough for snorkeling. In addition, the slope of the seabed is not very sharp and can lbequeath to one meter deep twenty yards away, going to two meters from the thirties.

One of the advantages of Cala San Vicente is their protection from high winds because of its topography, with mountains that protejen. The wind usually blows offshore almost always grounded, making it ideal for swimming.

The landscape of Cala San Vicente

The landscapespectacular seems to us as if we were watching a lake of clear water from a mountain pine.

The cove is provided with all amenities on the beach, which is signposted. Also interesting is the cuisine and the existence of shops where you find you need to spend our vacation. If we have chosen this area for a holiday we alojarnos in a hotel or apartment in the creek itself.

For sports fans have boating and sailing, marine attractions as well as pedal boats, canoes or sky bus.

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Bus to Cala San Vicente

Line 23 Santa Eulària - Sant Carles - Es Figueral - Cala Sant Vicent


Santa Eulària - Sant Carles - Es Figueral - Cala Sant Vicent

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Hotel Cala San Vicente A 178meters approx.

Ciudad de vacaciones CALA LLENYA A 270meters approx.

Located in one of the most virgin of San Carlos, the Holiday Hotel Ola Club Cala Llenya offers an accommodation in this isolated place.

Hotel Club Cala Blanca A 3Km approx.

Hotel Club Cala Blanca is a major holiday resort located a few meters from the beach des Figueral, unspoiled paradise in San Carlos.

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White Water Camp-des is Paller A 1996meters approx.

In the municipality of Santa Eulalia beach can find Aguas Blancas  (Paller is des Camp) about thirty miles from Ibiza and about ten miles from the parish of Santa Eulalia.

Playa Es Figueral A 3Km approx.

In the municipality of Santa Eulalia beach can find is Figueral, about eighteen miles from Ibiza town and Santa Eulalia fourteen.

Canal d´en Martí(Pou des Lleó) A 5Km approx.

In the municipality of Santa Eulalia beach can be found in Martí d'Channel (Pou des Lleó) about eighteen miles from Ibiza and about nine miles from the parish of Santa Eulalia.

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Sant Vicent A 749meters approx.

  Located north of the town of Sant Carles and within the municipality of Sant Joan, Sant Vincent we de sa Cala.

Sant Carles A 5Km approx.

Located about six kilometers from the center of Santa Eulalia is the parish of Sant Carles de Peralta, or San Carlos.

Sant Joan A 9Km approx.

Sant Joan de Labritja is in the far north of the island in one of the most unspoiled and unknown areas of the island.

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Pachá A 24Km approx.

Speaking of Pacha Ibiza without saying something that has not been said at this point, seems to us quite complicated.

Discoteca Privilege Ibiza A 24Km approx.

If there is a place in the nightlife known for its enormous size (eight thousand) and his distinctive style, that's the nightclub Privilege Ibiza.

Amnesia A 25Km approx.

The journey along the route of the clubs, few, very few have the history, charism and international relevance of the Amnesia Ibiza.

nearest tourism Cala San Vicente

Santuario Púnico de Es Cuieram A 1425meters approx.

The Punic sanctuary Es Cuieram for some Culleram It is situated within walking distance of San Vicente.

Iglesia de San Vicente A 4Km approx.

Speaking of the church of San Vicente, everyone thinks in a village built around a main building.

Torre d'en Valls A 5Km approx.

In the territorial division of Sant Carles de Peralta is the tower d'en Valls.

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