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Talamanca beach.

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Playa de Talamanca
Talamanca Beach

One of the best urban beaches that we enjoy are at the beach of Talamanca.

We headed to the beach taking the ring road around Ibiza and reaching the roundabout known as Pacha. Guess why. Once there take the road that runs the complex paralelaa Ibiza Marina, where we see a great ride in beating the sea withwer Installations seamanship. At the end of the road will find the indication to the beach of Talamanca.

Upon arrival we will be in an enclosed bay with a large number of moored boats and a large sandy area, a mile or so, we can travel in total comfort thanks to a wooden boardwalk along the beach from one end to another.

Description of the beach of Talamanca

Bus transportation to Talamanca is one of the great strengths of this beach for those not renting a conveyance, as the service is excellent compared to other lines of transportation on the island. To the right are a couple of bars, some well known on the island, extending about fifty yards of beach. To the left, a facility with duchas well equipped, with seating for persons with disabilities, integrated into the environment, where there are hostels, houses and restaurants, always with low-profile buildings that look very seaworthy.

Leisure offer in Talamanca

As we move forward, we discover a recreational varied, with areas for the sport of sand and several umbrellas to ward off the hurdlesun. The range of water sports is also very wide, with sailing and diving schools. The sky and the sky nautical bus are also present. Checkpoints ensure a quiet day in an area where the wind blows inland, avoiding any surprises the bather, you have several feet area suitable for swimming, perfectly defined by a beacon.As we approach the opposite end, the algae are making an appearance in the water, making it less desirable the bathroom.

Although many consider concluded here this beach, the fact is that Talamanca save a couple of secrets to discover. Sa Punta, the other Talamanca, in the final stretch of coast. We will have to drive a small car park in front of a sinto beach. Walking along the coast will find a beach bar "charming " that we may hold some surprises converted into familiar face. Continuing care begin to discover the first nudist intimacy refuge in the rocky areas. Upon reaching the end of Talamanca, a beautiful cove which can accessed by swimming or by boat, completely untouched and lonely.

Someone has determined that theTalamanca beach no longer has yet to be urban in character, that corner flavored natural, sustainable place in the development of the island, and if they visit the beach, you can check.

Additional Services Talamanca

Bus to Talamanca

Line 12 A (circular)- Eivissa - Puig den Valls - Jesús - Eivissa


Isidor Macabich-Port-Club Naútic-Rotonda-Pacha-Av.8dÁgost-Marina Botafoc-H.Playa Real-H.Victoria-Ses Torres Baixes-Jesús(Ses Pitreres)-Jesús(Arguimbau)-Jesús(S´església)-El Vivero de Jesús-Muebles La Fábrica-Puig d´en Valls(Can Cisterna)-Puig d´en Valls(C

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Line 12 B (circular)- Eivissa - Jesús - Puig den Valls - Eivissa


Isidor Macabich-Port-Club Naútic-Rotonda-Pacha-Av.8 d´Agost-H.Playa Real-H.Victoria-Cap Martinet-H.Victorias-Ses Torres Baixes-Jesús(Ses Pitreres)-Jesús(Arguimbau)-Jesús(S´església)-El Vivero de Jesús-Muebles La Fábrica-Puig d´en Valls(Can Cisterna)-Puig

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Accommodation closest to Talamanca

Hotel Playa Real A 272meters approx.

Royal Beach Hotel is situated in Talamanca, on the beach.

Hotel Argos A 392meters approx.

We found two kilometers from the center of Ibiza .

Hotel Lux Isla A 422meters approx.

The Hotel Lux Isla is part of the landscape of the beach of Talamanca, with a two-storey building perfectly integrated into the landscape.

Beaches near Talamanca

S'Estanyol A 4Km approx.

In the municipality of Santa Eulalia beach can find S'Estanyol about eight kilometers from Ibiza and about nine miles from the parish of Santa Eulalia.

Figueretas beach A 4Km approx.

Ses Figueretas beach, or beach of Figueretas is located in the town of Ibiza .

Playa d'en Bossa A 7Km approx.

Speaking of Playa d'en Bossa is talking about one of the landmarks of the island of Ibiza .

People closest to Talamanca

Jesus A 1685meters approx.

Jesus is one of the parishes of the municipality of Santa Eulalia, bordering the city of Ibiza.

Ibiza A 3Km approx.

Tourism in Ibiza came from the hand of the sun and the beach party.

Puig d'en Valls A 3Km approx.

  Puig d'en Valls is located at the southern end of the municipality of Santa Eulalia, bordering the town of Ibiza.

Clubs nearest Talamanca

Pachá A 1343meters approx.

Speaking of Pacha Ibiza without saying something that has not been said at this point, seems to us quite complicated.

Amnesia A 6Km approx.

The journey along the route of the clubs, few, very few have the history, charism and international relevance of the Amnesia Ibiza.

Space A 7Km approx.

Known initially as the largest island of the After Hours, the challenge to the authorities for the "common good" (rightly or not, can not believe that politicians on the island do something for the common good) limited the opening of this type of local specific days.

nearest tourism Talamanca

Iglesia de Jesús A 1728meters approx.

The arrival of this temple is quite simple.

Iglesia del Convento A 2Km approx.

Built on land donated by the Universitat d'Eivissa is the Church of the Convent of Santo Domingo.

Museo de Arte contemporáneo Ibiza A 2Km approx.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza, MACE, is located in the area of Dalt Vila, occupying the armory.

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