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History of the Church of Sant Joan

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Church of Sant Joan
Church of Sant Joan Church of Sant Joan Church of Sant Joan Church of Sant Joan Church of Sant Joan Church of Sant Joan Church of Sant Joan
Church of Sant Joan

The church of Eivissa was built in the eighteenth century. Legend has it that is built on the estate of Antoni Marí, who donated their land to the church to be built a chapel in honor of his daughter died in a sad accident. We know that in 1720 is celebrating mass in this chapel, and will not be until 1737 when work begins in the present church dedicated to Sant Joan Baptista. Some give this name as the original church that welcomes people.

Visiting the building

The building has a rectangular shape with seven chapels and two vestries. Presents the typical defensive structure because at the time of construction there were still pirate raids on the island, although the situation of the people did little prone to such attacks. The original structure has only two openings: the front door and a window on the door itself. Curiously, the current deep chapel is the chapel on the establishment of the present church. The church has given undergoing reforms over time due to neglect, but without doubt the historical fact that has marked the building was on fire he suffered during the Civil War and that has deprived us among other things, the baroque altarpiece presided over the church.

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