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Church of Santa Agnés. Almond blossom.

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Church of Santa Agnes
Belfry Porch Outdoor Agnus dei Outdoor
Church of Santa Agnes

At the entrance to the village of Santa Agnes de Corona find your church. This small town nestled in a fertile valley bordered to the west with the lands of San Mateo and south to San Antonio. Since we can access both sites, finding the easiest access from Sant Antoni. Parallel to the rugged coastline runs a road after crossing the mountains, flows into a plain filled with almond trees.

History and myth in the church of Santa Agnés

The building of the church of Santa Agnés ended in the early nineteenth century. It is surrounded by a square on the back end with the entrance to the town cemetery. It is a rather curious church, although it has one main entrance, the porch typical of Ibiza churches is on the side. Apparently, the reason for this second entry wasa crime committed at the main entrance of the church that led to the closing of this door, so he had built the second inning.

The building is composed of a nave with five bays and chapels on the sides.

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