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Church of Santa Gertrudis. A colorful place.

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Church of Santa Gertrudis
Exterior Portico Porch Annex Right Belfry Chapel
Church of Santa Gertrudis

Santa Gertrudis is located in the heart of the island of Ibiza. Roads depart from this location towards the four cardinal points. The most common routes start from the south, the road from San Antonio or, from the road to Santa Eulária. Access to the church of Santa Gertrudis is quite simple, because we only take the turn to theleft if coming from Ibiza, and access in ascending order, into a pedestrian area where the church.

History of the Church of Santa Gertrudis

The church of Santa Gertrudis Martyr began construction in 1785, assuming the work finished by the end of the century. Has many similarities with other churches on the island, fulfilling its religious mission and defensive, although the situation in the middle of the island was safe from attack by sea.

It has a very unusual color, a mixturend the typical white facade with bright colors orange details that offer a more artistic composition. The front porch was built in the late nineteenth century has a peculiar image of Christ on the front door. Also the side walls are quite different from other churches, because one contains numerous doors and windows, atypical in this type of construction, whichsuggest a later addition to the original building, located next to the furnace on the opposite wall.

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