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Churches of Ibiza. The evolution of a people

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Churches of Ibiza
Churches of Ibiza

We can see how the demographic and cultural evolution of the inhabitants of the island has converted the landscape and urban areas distributed based on historical elements.

We begin our journey through the historical journey of the places of worship in Ibiza with reference to the Underground Chapel of St. Agnes. Although found in a cave origen natural, belief of worship since the Roman Empire make our first point of reference. However, the first building to have composed and written references the late fifteenth century with the conquest of Aragon. The Church of the Virgin Mary of Jesus served as a gathering place for the inhabitants of the area and home to the Franciscan monks.

This congregation is transferred to the zintramural one of the upper city following the creation of the Church of St. Mary Cathedral Ibiza future. The presence of the walls resulted in the Church of San Salvador, also known as San Telmo, Sant Elm and in the sixteenth century.

The culture of the countryside

The salt being one of the main drivers of the economy of the time, we construct the fortified church of San Jorge de las Salinas (Sant Jordi) to protect the inhabitants of marine incursions. Although these structures often replace small churches or chapels, its creation date is estimated on the sixteenth and seventeenth century and presentsin the most populated and important at that time. Thus arises the beautiful fortified church of Puig de Missa in Santa Eulalia, the church of Sant Antoni de Portmany and the spectacular Church of San Miguel de Balanzat. Spiritual retreats in time of peace and strength in times uneasy.

Already in the eighteenth century's turn to the church of San Jose, but destroyed during the civil war and replicationeach years later. At the end of this century, sponsored by the monarchy and the orders of Bishop Abad y la Sierra is starting to build temples for the purpose of bringing the Church to the faithful, or vice versa. Construction begins on the Church of San Juan de Lebrija, San Lorenzo de Balafia, San Francisco de Paula, San Carlos de Peralta, Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, San Mateo, San Agustín and San Rafael. Some of these churches would take some time to finish constructed due to economic fragility pitiusa and imperial era.
During the nineteenth century, and by purely spiritual needs, churches are built of St. Agnes de Corona, Es Cubells and Cala San Vicente de la.

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