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A centuries-old source. Font de Morna

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Font de Morna
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Font de Morna

We can find the Font de Morna in the band of the same name. Venda is the name given in Ibiza a set of land parcels. And this particular one is on the road from Sant Carles towards Cala Llenya. We simply pass through the center of town and exit to the right. A few meters found on the floor, painted red and white, the source.


Ancient source of resources

This font, or font receiving filtered water from the stream of s'Argentera. It was in operation until the nineteen twenties, when he began to bottled water for sale, prompting it to dry. As any point abasteciese water to the population, the social importance of acquiring these places used to be reflected in lyou popular dances August 15.

Faced with the font of Morna can find a seventeenth century house that we visit, although only Saturday is open to the public. A hidden treasure with Font de Morna

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