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Yabisa Madina. Cultural Center

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Medina Yabisa
Medina Interior Yabisa
Madina Yabisa

Yabisa Madina was the name given to Ibiza during the Muslim period. It is also an interpretation center located at the home of the Curia and reviews the history of Ibiza with a strong audiovisual support. highlighting the Arab period. So much for the booklet.

In my blissful ignorance, I always thought that this center"understanding "Should be a school dance or theater, so when I reached the door I was very clear that it should find inside. When I was connecting the equipment and saw only home screens everywhere." I'm bored with so cute. Two pictures and anything else". Well, almost. More than two hours with the company and explanations to understand the Nineshistory of the island, quartons, the building of the wall remains replicas of Arabs among whom we were moving and a fascinating multimedia video projections on a model of Dalt Vila that left me wanting to return. But only took two photos.

Visiting the center

What I do not quite understand, is like a special place can be as little publicized by the competent body.

As stated in the sign at the entrance, the hours are from 1 April to 15 October, 10-14 and 17-20. From 16 October to 31 March, 10-15, Monday to Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 13. The months of July and August the hours are from 10-14 and 18-21.

Stayclosed on Sunday evenings, Mondays and holidays.

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