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Pont de Can Font. A unique place

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Pont de Can Font
Arrival Under the bridge Plate Channel Foundations
Pont de Can Font

Pont de Can Font is a jumper on the old road to Eivissa. As stated in the registration plate of the bridge, the first documentation that was found corresponds to the eighteenth century. Today, this road has been relegated to a rural stretch between wild and plowed field. A green paradise.

To reach the bridge we take the road between Ibiza with Santa Eulalia. Once we are on the road, find a detour that will take the road to Sant Joan. Within walking distance, the houses disappear and starts an area without fences. A little later, the entrance to the road leading to the bridge.

You can continue with the car a good stretch or continue the journey on foot, enjoying the scenery. The road ends at the Pont de Can Font.


Access to the bridge

If you did not see commemorative plaques, and small barriers placed at the sides, it can hardly realize you're on the bridge. It seems rather a continuation of the road. The vegetation is very high. And besides, is composed of reeds and brambles. We can go down to the river, dry in less rainy seasons, and visit the bridge below. Of course, beware of thorns and mark the way back.

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