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Pont Vell. Old Bridge. Devil's Bridge

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Old Bridge
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Old Bridge Santa Eulària

Old Bridge is located at the entrance of Santa Eulalia des Riu, near the new bridge that gives access to the town. Although much has been said of this bridge, it is of Roman origin, but can not be excluded, because their origin is still under consideration. The calculations point to the sixteenth or seventeenth century, although it is known for reform in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, which takes its present form. To get hastto the bridge, we recommend you go down to the river mouth and up the walk to the bridge. A show of plants and gardens with which to enjoy.

Mythology of Old Bridge

Old Bridge is full of legends, which has been nicknamed the Devil's Bridge. Stories of witchcraft and spells up the tradition of Santa Eulária, as the souls of the relatives of the river turned into flowers, the treatment of the farmers with the devil to the end of the bridge, and so on.

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The human presence in this town is set in the prehistoric era.

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Right in the Puig de Missa, a privileged location, opposite the door of the church is the house-museum dedicated to Barcelona Laureà Barrau i Buñol.

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