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Reaching the Rural Set Balfia

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Rural set Balfia

As usual when you visit any of the cultural assets of the island, get to the Joint Rural Balàfia can become a real odyssey unless we know the way. The directions are scarce and unclear.

To situate the Joint Rural Balàfia is in the rural population of Sant Llorenç. This small localidad, consisting of a church and some houses, is on the road linking with Eivissa Eivissa (Ibiza Capital). For about six kilometers from Sant Joan found a small detour leads to the town of Sant Llorenç.

Once we reach the church of Sant Llorenç find a path to the right that leads to a house with a tower of defense. For it is heret, the path continues with a dirt road in very good condition no. A few hundred meters later we find the signpost and a small dirt road that leads to the Joint Rural Balàfia. Although parking is a little deeper, is private, so please try to park your car in the previous section orwell take the next turning right back where we reach the village, with more room.

Will encounter in the Joint Rural Balfia

The architectural complex consists of five farm houses grouped around two towers, the towers known as Balàfia. They were built to defend the core of the Turkish pirate attacks, which came by road from the north of the island. The lack of surrounding mountains offered little protection to the area.

The beauty of the Joint Rural Balafia

However, his interest is not the greatest archaeological treasure of the Joint Rural Balàfia. The street that crosses the nucleus, between the towers and private houses are of unusual beauty, remembering more of the streets of ancient cities, with stone walls, narrow passages and flowers. The most typical of the buildings are reflected in Ibizabread ovens are. The white crosses painted on the walls remind us Ibizan tradition of driving away evil spirits.

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How to get to Rural set Balfia

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A 813meters approx.

  Sant Llorenç Balàfia, or San Lorenzo, is a rural, with virtually no urban center, located in the municipality of Sant Joan.

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