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* Cálculo real de desplazamiento en coche según Google Maps. Horario laboral de 7 a 21h de lunes a viernes. Sábado hasta las 15h. Horario noctuno de 21 a 7h. Sábado a partir de las 15h, domingos y festivos.

As we calculate the price of a taxi in Ibiza

Taxi fare in Ibiza

We used Google Maps technology to perform the calculation of the rate of travel by taxi between two points on the island. To do this, select the destination and origin of transfer. We provide a list of places on the island where you can select its position.

These estimates are obtained using the distance generated by Google Maps on a transfer by car between the two pointscough. At this distance we apply the current rate for the year 2011, the same as 2010 as we are aware.

We recommend that you check whether your travel to your accommodation can be cheaper using our transfer service. To do this you could simply access the hotel tab and check the price of these.

The resulting rate is not official or motivo claim. Note that the travel distance can be altered depending on traffic or other securities.

Phones of the taxi and radio taxi

  • Radio Taxi Ibiza 971 39 84 83
  • Radio Taxi San José: 971 39 83 40
  • Radio Taxi San Antonio: 971 34 37 64
  • Radio Taxi Santa Eulalia: 971 33 30 33
  • Taxis stop San Juan: 971 33 30 33
  • Taxis stop Santa. Eulalia: 971 33 00 63
  • Taxis stop San Antonio: 971 34 00 74
  • Airport Taxi stop: 971 39 54 81