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Underground chapel of Santa Inés. Ancient legend

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Chapel of Santa Inés
Exterior Surroundings Restaurant Fenced

One of the architectural elements that more work has cost us a visit is the underground chapel of St. Agnes. More than anything that the schedule seems to be made by an official part-time, so turn up early to visit. The location is a bit strange, because where we expect to see a cave, we found a medieval-looking building, becomerestaurant. To get there, we take the road around San Antonio for the far out to sea. We take the roundabout as a reference and look at the display to the right of the road.


Be found in the Chapel of Santa Inés

I've only seen two sundials in Ibiza, and one of them is in this building. You can park in the restaurant and follow the walking tour or you can play the underside of the car and park as directed on a plain in front of the cave. A fence half of stone, half of bars separating us from an entrance carved into the rock and giving access to the chapel. Local legend tells us that the imagen of the saint appeared mysteriously in the cave, and always trying his transfer back to the cave had no apparent explanation.

History tells us that the cave was used as a hiding place in naval raids and probably in the Christian persecutions of the early centuries after Christ. Found Muslim remains have been preserved along with thechapel, the seventeenth century.

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