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Amnesia. An authentic spectacle

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Light and sound
Amnesia Ibiza

The journey along the route of the clubs, few, very few have the history, charism and international relevance of the Amnesia Ibiza.

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To get there, without a doubt the best choice is the very aufree tobús the club charters and party to Ibiza from the port, and San Antonio, next to the egg. If not, then the disco bus or taxi. By car, parking is difficult, especially in the months of July and August, although the club has a large car park just behind. In addition, Amnesia and driving is not usually a good combination. Please cuenta that out, all cars have to move in the same direction, and control of alcohol (or other) does not leak or passenger. When not driving under the influence of some anti indication, it is relatively easy reach. Amnesia Ibiza is near, the road to Sant Antoni. If oncoming Ibiza, do not leave the right lane. If Frine from Ibiza, will have to take the roundabout you will find once the polygon Montecristo, about five kilometers from Ibiza, and return to the city. A few meters from the roundabout is the entrance to Amnesia clearly visible.

That found at Amnesia Nightclub

As the old hippy essence that gathered on the terrace to enjoy the warm evenings singing ... nothing. The terrace had to cover the years. Law of environmental noise call. Of course, in one of the most spectacular sound equipment in the world, coupled with a renewed lighting. If you join the magic of Ibiza, you have the most incredible fiestorros that can be enjoyedon the island. The Troy (without reward), the Feast of the foam or the Matinee is a true reflection of the most magical night. A great show enjoyed by the most popular characters in the Ibizan night. From the UK, float planes for the sole purpose of enjoying the nightclub Amnesia

How to get to Amnesia Ibiza

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Accommodation closest to Amnesia

Vivienda turística CAN JAUME CURT A 3Km approx.

Bordering the town of Sant Antoni and close to the end of Ibiza, is the Tourist House Can Jaume Curt.

Agroturismo Can Jaume A 3Km approx.

Can Jaume, formerly known as the Can Arabi, is a charming hotel located close to Ibiza capital.

Beaches near Amnesia

Figueretas beach A 5Km approx.

Ses Figueretas beach, or beach of Figueretas is located in the town of Ibiza .

Talamanca Beach A 6Km approx.

One of the best urban beaches that we enjoy are at the beach of Talamanca.

Playa d'en Bossa A 7Km approx.

Speaking of Playa d'en Bossa is talking about one of the landmarks of the island of Ibiza .

People closest to Amnesia

Sant Rafael A 1893meters approx.

San Rafael de sa Creu is a population that, although they belong to the municipality of Sant Antoni, is closely related to Ibiza, which is a few kilometers.

Puig d'en Valls A 4Km approx.

  Puig d'en Valls is located at the southern end of the municipality of Santa Eulalia, bordering the town of Ibiza.

Jesus A 5Km approx.

Jesus is one of the parishes of the municipality of Santa Eulalia, bordering the city of Ibiza.

Clubs nearest Amnesia

Discoteca Privilege Ibiza A 1157meters approx.

If there is a place in the nightlife known for its enormous size (eight thousand) and his distinctive style, that's the nightclub Privilege Ibiza.

Pachá A 5Km approx.

Speaking of Pacha Ibiza without saying something that has not been said at this point, seems to us quite complicated.

Space A 7Km approx.

Known initially as the largest island of the After Hours, the challenge to the authorities for the "common good" (rightly or not, can not believe that politicians on the island do something for the common good) limited the opening of this type of local specific days.

nearest tourism Amnesia

Iglesia de Sant Rafael A 1618meters approx.

The church of San Rafael is located in the center of the town center, turn right on entering the town's main street.

Molino de Puig d´en Valls A 4Km approx.

Puig d'en Valls is the name given to a hill near the city of Ibiza and at the top, we see his mill.

Iglesia de Jesús A 5Km approx.

The arrival of this temple is quite simple.

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