Looking for a printable map of Ibiza

Not easy to find a decent map of Ibiza. Searching the web, we all seemed too generic to find a particular road, or a point of interest. When they were young were especially confusing. To visit the most interesting places on the island of Ibiza, we decided to create a system that would allow us, once on the road, easily locate these points. Depending on your printer, or simply our preferences when you view the map we can choose a kind of map of Ibiza given. We recommend using the default view, which are marked on the road. Please note that this map not only uses technology from Google Maps to display, but uses a GPS positioning system. Our practice to visit places to check its correct location. However, should you find any errors, have any suggestions or missing it somewhere on the map do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide as much help as we can..

How to use the map of Ibiza

To use this map, we recommend selecting the points of interest you will need. If the map is returned poorly defined, delete the furthermost points to locate an area that will be useful when printing. Print as many maps as needed respecting this rule. Once the print option request to your browser, all the extra text disappears, leaving only our logo printed on the map with the selected points and a list of the number and its corresponding legend.

map information

Sant Antoni
Sant Rafael
Sant Mateu
Santa Ins
Sant Josep
Sant Agust
Es Cubells
Sant Jordi
Sant Francesc
Sant Carles
Santa Gertrudis
Puig d'en Valls
Sant Joan
Sant Miquel
Sant Vicent
Lugares de interés
Museo de Arte contemporneo Ibiza
Murallas de Vila
Iglesia del Convento
Monasterio de Sant Cristfol
Museo arqueolgico de Ibiza
Catedral de Ibiza
Museo Puig des Molins
Baluarte de Sant Pere
Museo Puget
Madina Yabisa
Iglesia de Sant Rafael
Sa Cova des V
Pou de Pl de Corona
Iglesia de Santa Agnes
Iglesia de Sant Mateu Ibiza
Broll de Buscastell
Pou de Forada
Pou Roig
Iglesia de Sant Jordi
Poblado Fenicio de Sa Caleta
Iglesia de Es Cubells
Yacimiento de Ses Pases de Cala dHort
Iglesia de Sant Agust
Pou des Rafals
Torre de Comte
Monumento al Salinero
Torre de ses Portes
Torre des Savinar
Torre des Carregador
Iglesia de Sant Francesc
Molino de Puig den Valls
Font de Morna
Iglesia de Sant Carles
Iglesia de Santa Gertrudis
Pont de Can Font
Iglesia de Jess
Torre d'en Valls
Iglesia de Sant Miquel
Iglesia de San Lorenzo
Iglesia de San Vicente
Santuario Pnico de Es Cuieram
Estatua de Mari Villangmez
Torre des Molar
Cuevas de Sant Miquel
Playa d'en Bossa
Figueretas beach
Talamanca Beach
Cala Graci
Playa Es Pouet
Playa de San Antonio o de SArenal
Es Cal des Moro
Cala Gracioneta
Cala Salada
Cala Carb
Cala Vadella
Cala Mol
Playa Es Xarcu
Cala des Cubells
Cala DHort
Playa de Es Cavallet
Playa de las Salinas
Playa des Codolar
Playa de Bol Nou
Cala Jondal
Cala Tarida
Beaches de Compte
Cala de Codolar
Cala Bassa
Port des Torrent
Cala Boix
Cala Mastella
Canal Den Mart (Pou des Lle)
Aigua Blanca - Es Paller des Camp
Playa de SEstanyol
Playa de Santa Eulria
Cala Llonga
Playa de Es Canar
Cala Llenya
Playa des Figueral
Ca Na Martina
Cala Pada
Playa del Ro de Santa Eulria
Calo de SAlga
Cala Nova
Playa de SArgamassa
Playa des Niu Blau
Cala Xucla
Cala Den Serra
Playa del Puerto de San Miguel, Es Pas de SIlla
Cala Moltons
Cala de Portinatx
Cala de San Vicente
Cala de Benirrs
Cala Xarraca
Playa de SIllot des Rencl
Es pas des S'Illa des Bosc
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