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Getting to S'Arenal

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Playa de S'Arenal
S'Arenal Ibiza

The beach of Sant Antoni, also known as beach S'Arenal in the municipality of Sant Antoni and are following the same port of Sant Antoni.

Whether you are staying in town, as if they just get off at the bus station, you can access across the main promenade, leaving aside the stalls and otror the famous Egg of Columbus of Sant Antoni. Upon arrival we check the musical character of this beach with a kiosk in the nightclub Amnesia welcoming us. Then we reach the beach through the many wooden ramps find a long walk distributed parallel to the sand.

We find in S'Arenal

Surprising is the stretch of beach for the width of the bay in which is housed, with about seven hundred feet long that have been eaten away land from the sea, up to thirty feet wide in many places. In full integration with the environment are all beach accessories, made of wood, and attached to the grass growing in some sections, gives a camp between marine andclosely to the area as a maximum length of twenty meters.

This beach, where some residents welcome the new year, is made up of fine sand from the bay. Being calm waters and an area especially over near the port, the seabed is very very gentle slope, where we can delve almost walk on water to aboutwithin one hundred meters sea.

But if something is special about this area, certainly not the beach, but the colorful environment that can be found in pubs and bars surrounding the beach. But may be treated in Castilian in most of them, this area is directed especially to the English public. You can take any drink or food typically inglesa fairly affordable prices, but do not expect to hear the song of the summer or eat sardines to the beat of Spanish folklore.

There are quite alojameientos around, mainly hotels and apartments. The retail offer is also broad so you do not need much effort to take some souvenir of the island.

Having near the marina can also find many nautical attractions such as sailing and diving schools. If you have to put some downside to this beach is that it shows too the presence of the port, limiting water quality.

Additional Services Playa de S´Arenal

Bus to Playa de S´Arenal

Line 2 Sant Antoni - Port des Torrent


Sant Antoni - Hotel Puchet - Racó des Sol - Es Pouet - Hotel Bergantín - Bar Voramar - Hotel Pinet - Hotel Riviera- Port des Torrent

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Line 4 Sant Antoni -Platges de Comte


Sant Antoni - Hotel Arenal - Hotel Puchet - Hotel Bergantín - Hotel Ibiza Pueblo - Es Cucó - Bar Stop - Club Delfín - Platges de Comte

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Line 6 Sant Antoni - Port des Torrent


Sant Antoni - Hotel Arenal - Racó des Sol - Es Pouet - Hotel Bergantín - Bar Voramar - Hotel Pinet - Hotel Riviera - Port des Torrent

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Line 7 Sant Antoni - Cala Bassa


Sant Antoni - Hotel Arenal - Hotel Bergantín - Cala de Bou - Es Cucó - Cala Bassa

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Line 9 Sant Antoni - Sant Josep - Aeroport


S.Antoni-H.Palmira-H.Arenal-H.Puchet-H.Anfora-H.Bergantín-H.Es Pins-H.Nautilus-H.Pinet Playa-H.Riviera(Rest.Zafiro)-Treno(H.Costa Sur)-Mobles Noel(H.Seaview)-Port des torrent(H.Ibiza Pueblo)-S. Agustí-Can Verger-S. Josep- Can Pep Xica-Can Fomàs-Can Puvi

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How to get to S'Arenal Ibiza

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Accommodation closest to Playa de S´Arenal

Hotel Palmyra A 274meters approx.

Hotel Palmyra is situated by the beach of S ' Arenal, near the center, Es Paradis and West area, the quintessential English environment.

Apartamentos Central Park A 290meters approx.

Hotel Marco Polo A 295meters approx.

The Marco Polo Hotel is located in the center of Sant Antoni.

Beaches near Playa de S´Arenal

Ibiza is Pouet A 860meters approx.

The beach is Pouet in the municipality of Sant Antoni and are very close to the town center, to just one mile from the town center and about seventeen miles from Ibiza .

Caló des Moro A 1512meters approx.

Calo des Moro Beach in San Antonio , is one of those places that if we stick to the definition of the beach, we can say that indeed, is a beach.

Marco Polo II A 3Km approx.

Access to Cala Gració can be done on foot or by vehicle, for which we must locate the roundabout at the top of the town center, which we reached by following the signs to the health center.

People closest to Playa de S´Arenal

Sant Antoni A 364meters approx.

Sant Antoni de Portmany Ibiza is the nearest point of the peninsula.

Sant Agustí A 4Km approx.

Sant Agusti des Vedra is located between the towns of Sant Antoni and Sant Josep, belonging to the latter town but adjacent to the urban core of San Antonio.

Sant Josep A 6Km approx.

Sant Josep de Sa Talaia is a town nestled between mountains, although its size and economic importance make it an ideal place for lovers of the countryside to the sea lovers.

Clubs nearest Playa de S´Arenal

Es Paradis A 198meters approx.

One of the main attractions of this club is that you do not have much wiggling if you stay in San Antonio, so you'll save bus travel time.

Discoteca Privilege Ibiza A 11Km approx.

If there is a place in the nightlife known for its enormous size (eight thousand) and his distinctive style, that's the nightclub Privilege Ibiza.

Amnesia A 12Km approx.

The journey along the route of the clubs, few, very few have the history, charism and international relevance of the Amnesia Ibiza.

nearest tourism Playa de S´Arenal

Iglesia de Sant Antoni A 555meters approx.

Is located a few meters from the port and can be accessed from the promenade at the entrance of the village.

Capilla subterránea de Santa Inés A 1580meters approx.

One of the architectural elements that more work has cost us a visit is the underground chapel of St.

Pou des Rafals A 3Km approx.

Located between the towns of Sant Agustí and Sant Antoni, find Rafals Pou, an old water well.

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