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Arriving at Cala Salada

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Cala Salada
Cala Salada Ibiza

There are places on this island that never ceases to amaze even those who have spent years enjoying Ibiza . More for work than for pleasure, I visited Cala Salada after a good meal in Sant Antoni .

We leave the village towards St. Agnes, to the north. Not much loss because if you come from Ibiza, you just have to continue along the village through the roundabouts, in pairs, before reaching the village. If you are already inside, follow the indiciaciones to the health center, and once you reach the roundabout where there are indications of Cala Gracio and Cala Gracioneta , take the dev module, or Punta Galera indicating right or Santa Inés.A leave the velodrome Sant Antoni, and about two miles we found a left turn just before the road was lost in a corner, where there is a signpost .

From here, I began to wish that whatever it was to see, merereciese enough punishment, as the descent to the beachis full of steep slopes with huge curves that sometimes diverge to provide access to homes that are within the cove. To decide not to reverse the direction taken was always steeper, and we were right. At the end of the road began to see cars parked on both sides of the road, which was disappearing to make way for the arena. Not much parking theIndeed, although not many people.

A paradise in Ibiza

After you log in to the beach we found a Red Cross post, although I notice they do not have Biodramina for the way back. I looked to the left, just above the umbrella and saw what seemed like a small bar. I needed to refresh myself. Between food and the little trip was dry mouth. I started to head for the terrace when I saw the bottom of the stall like aa natural wall. And so natural. The wall of the creek was rising at a slope that seemed gigantic. Then I realized that had not yet seen the beach, only gravel that was treading. Rotating the view I found that the vertical wall was actually a slope that was lost at sea a few hundred feet abruptly.

The beach was small, about fifty yards, and terminaba on an artificial platform, with clear water. I saw a boat at the foot of the platform and a wooden device placed at the foot of a rock. At the other end of the cove area outgoing closed with a small island where a couple of moored boats. I asked to bring a water bottle, grabbed the camera and went back to investigate that area.
Upon reaching theplatform, which should serve as a pier, I saw that the water was turquoise. People bathed about twenty yards from the shore on mattresses. The vegetation was sparse on the shore, but grew in abundance about ten meters, from shallow sandy areas. A couple of meters I saw some tourists climb this widget. It was a wooden staircase endiabladambeing narrow and steep, but seen in the field, rather Rocos and abrupt, almost seemed the only option to cross the other side of the cove. That, or take the car back. As the latter did not motivate me, I decided to tie the camera and crossing well.

Cala Saladeta waiting for me, another small beach with fishermen's huts and about thirty feet wide, lookingvery similar to Cala Salada. As the journey on foot seemed somewhat risky, I thought it would be much more practical to seek an arrival across the road. But then, what was going on people in an area so close and risky? Because between Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta beaches there are a few dimensionsvery small, solitary, where only the few people who bother passes from one beach to another looking for the same tranquility as you, in the most isolated of places, with a wind blowing and just where the kiosk (And my water ?) is rather a splendid restaurant and the Red Cross post in front of the hammocks are the only vestige of civilization.

The return was much quieter, especially considering that it was uphill. If anyone is thinking of doing the bike ride, you can be in very good shape. When you reach a second roundabout, the first if we access the beach, we note that the road was entering towards the sea, and was too long and in good condition to be access to a detached house. The Curiosity pudo and continued our way down again, this time the road was much straighter and less pronounced.

At the end of the road we were too high to meet on a beach, so there was only one option. Ibiza is full of coves that you can not see on any map, some can only be reached by boat, and others have not services m & iacute, we define to be considered beaches, but are remote places with difficult access and overwhelming charm. Getting off the car we found we were on a precipice of fifty feet, with a breathtaking view of Cala Salada to the bottom where you could see all its charm.

If the view was spectacular, the surprise came when we look toward the cove. In just about twenty meterss booths lined fishermen. The rest, a lonely virgin paradise, where you only accompanies the echo of your footsteps.

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