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How to get to Cala Xuclà

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Cala Xucla
Cala Xuclà

We can find the beach of Cala Xuclà in the municipality of Sant Joan . This beach is quite far from urban centers to 29 km. of Ibiza and 7 of Sant Joan.
As usual on the beaches of the municipality, the road is very uneven access is advisable not to bitorcycle, so you better move away.
To access we have to grab the road to Portinatx and taking an indication of the beach in km. 19 have come down a steep slope to the same beach .

We find in Cala Xucla

Xuclà Creek consists of a piece of sea that penetrates the earth being wedged between mountains. From these mountains comes a torrent of the sea. This setup has created a small beach about 50 meters long and 25 meters wide.

So we found a gravel enclosed by steep rocks in the rest of the cove. If we introducimos in the water you find that there are more rocky than sandy bottom, if we add this to the shallow present up to 30 meters, find the perfect place to practice some diving.
In this small cove the wind is almost always absent, as being surrounded by mountains tend to be lazy.
For a small creek has a large occupation. For lovers of the rustic and idyllic cove Xuclà is ideal, surrounded by cliffs and with high quality services.

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No buses arriving Cala Xuclàso we recommend arriving by car to the beach. You can find deals on Looking for car hire in Ibiza

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How to get to Cala Xuclà

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