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It Xarcu. A secluded cove

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It Xarcu
Playa Es Xarcu

In the municipality of Sant Josep we can find the beach of Es Xarcu, about eight miles from Ibiza and Sant Josep nine. We can access by road, by car or bicycle. To access recommend following the road from Cala Jondal and take the turnoff to the left following the indicacions. We can also be reached by taking the road from San Jorge to Es Cubells and taking the road on the left about a mile before the end of the road, taking the road that marks the Directorate to Es Torrent. The final section runs along a dirt road with a fairly steep slope.

You will find in Xarcu

It is a cove Xarcu quite small. This is an enclosed cove. The beach is very close to thirty feet average width and quite long, with about a hundred meters long, located in a natural landscape in which we will share space with small fishermen's huts and a small stream, all in a typical Mediterranean landscape , with pine trees that almost reachthe sea.

The beach is Xarcu

The beach is composed of sand, rather thin, which will go into the sea covering much of the rocky bottom, except in some places where we can appreciate this underwater training. Keep in mind that the slope of the seabed is not very pronounced, having more than twenty meters suitable for swimming.
The wind usually blows fromsde inland sea, and almost always smoothly.
In summary, the beach is Xarcu is a pretty quiet place where we can enjoy nature, with basic services, and some water activities with which to relax and enjoy.

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No buses arriving Es Xarcuso we recommend arriving by car to the beach. You can find deals on Looking for car hire in Ibiza

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