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Arriving at Niu Blau

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Niu Blau
Niu Blau

Des Niu Blau beach in the municipality of Santa Eulalia and we can find some seventeen kilometers from Ibiza and about two miles from the center of the parish of Santa Eulalia. We can access by road, by car or by bicycle or bus if thevisited in summer. Access to Niu Blau is not very complicated, but we must be vigilant. Take the road that indicates the beach of Es Canar , and about two miles we see a sign indicating a turn to two hundred meters to the beach. Diversion is a dirt road, perfectly confused with access to private propertyThat will take us a few meters from the main entrance to the beach.

Nui will find in Blau

Arriving find access by stairs and a ramp attached. This entry crosses encontaremos the only restaurant on site. Before we can repair down on some boats visible on the left, which seems to lie far from the sea. In fact it is a water inlet through a shallow area is a refuge for small boats under sail and motor. Estand smooth access is caused by a very high sea bottom, which lets us see as emerging small sections of rock for about twenty yards from the coast left side, putting the work of a natural dam.

To the right, the beach stretches a hundred yards long by forty feet wide.

Visiting Es Canar

It is very unique landscape, with large groves dand pines, which in some parts mixed with beach umbrellas and hammocks. The terrain changes from being made through a landscape of sand piedas a thick and matted appearance, resulting from the mixture of sand and seaweed. At the other extreme we see an access from a residential area adjacent to the beach, and then a stretch of low profile rock, where you can see Santa Eulalia in the background.

The background is very poco slope, with over a hundred feet of shallow water. The wind brings up a point to this beach, lazy and generally blowing from the sea. We have pedal boats for a walk, so the noise in this beach is usually an exception.

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No buses arriving Playa de Niu Blauso we recommend arriving by car to the beach. You can find deals on Looking for car hire in Ibiza

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