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Capella d'en Beia. Fe and prayer

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Capella d'en Beia.
Exterior Rear Cross above Interior Internal Cross Exterior Poster
Capella d'en Beia.

Located next to the road, one kilometer from San Agustin, we find the Capella d'en Beia. If we come from Sant Josep, find a way out of the chapel to the left, almost a mile from Sant Josep own. Although half-hidden when we got her figure becomes familiar to take the small dirt road that leads to your door.

A small corner

By all accounts, the capella d'in Beia was built by a farmer who offered a promise if his wife was recovering from a serious illness. When you lift the hood, almost square, topped the two-tiered roof with a cross.

Inside, a small figure of Christ and some religious images adorn a corner for some sacred. Perhaps por its proximity to the road, this is one of the most beautiful chapels and best preserved of geography Ibiza.

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