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Last update : 22/1/2013 9:19
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If you chose in Ibiza hotel will be your vacation, don't waste your time looking for the best offer. The minimum prices tend to be agreed between the central reserve and hoteliers and the availability is controlled directly from the hotel or accommodation in Ibiza.


We recommend that first you plan your vacation, choose that you want to visit and if you plan to rent or not a vehicle. Then find a reservation between the closest accommodation and best suited to your needs.


Note, for example, that if your hotel is in Ibiza, you can get anywhere by bus in a reasonable time, and will not lose time looking for parking. If on the contrary it will stay in a secluded cove and has no form of displacement, will lose it everything saved in the room in transportation, time and food.


Remember also that time of entry to the rooms is usually set about two o'clock in the afternoon, while the output as a rule must occur before 12 noon. If you plan to take the aircraft or ship back in the afternoon, search in the seat where to drop off your luggage or you will have to carry with them all day.

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