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The mythic Pachá

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Disco Pacha
Pacha Ibiza

Speaking of Pacha Ibiza without saying something that has not been said at this point, seems to us quite complicated. Counting the two cherries are one of the icons of the island known worldwide, it is not saying anything new. But if you intend to come to Ibiza and not miss this great show, follow our advice.

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To get there, if you can walk. If you bring a car, do not have parking, but there are several streets around where you can park comfortably.

Access is very comfortable. Simply reach the rotunda known as Pasha, a gazebo located in the second cyclenturón round Ibiza and linking the port, the road to Santa Eulária and the city itself. Specifically we take the road after the exit of the marina. A few hundred meters, surrounded by nightclubs, find the disco across the street Pacha.

We find in Pacha Ibiza

As one of the largest environments that have made Ibiza famous and brought to the island. With a capacity of three thousand people in its five rooms you'll find music for almost every taste. In the Main Hall the best DJs of the moment gaining followers every night. The Funky Room for some unmissable. The Global Room, where experimental music has its place.The terrace continues to be a meeting point for lovers of peace and good vibes. The chill-out atmosphere gives way to a sometimes exclusive. And finally, the most visited by the Spanish (no nai na no), Pachachá, where all the Latin rhythms have a place. In addition, during the summer, and one Sunday a month, the Flower Power makes its appearance with the creme de la creme in PAcha Ibiza.

Concerning the entry, prices vary according to season, but usually from forty euros. The crown of twelve euros also low. And do not drink them before going to help much.

The surroundings of Pacha Ibiza.

At night we will find many bars of glass, but the main attraction is the Casino de Ibiza, which can easily walk from la nightclub. Even if it comes at Pacha Ibiza, you'll probably do what's more interesting during the day.

Ticket Pacha Ibiza

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How to get to Pacha Ibiza

Points of Interest

Beaches close

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Accommodation closest to Pachá

Hotel Ibiza Gran Hotel A 140meters approx.

Ibiza Gran Hotel is a luxury for the eyes.

Hotel El Pacha A 152meters approx.

Apartamentos El Divino A 549meters approx.

Beaches near Pachá

Talamanca Beach A 1343meters approx.

One of the best urban beaches that we enjoy are at the beach of Talamanca.

Figueretas beach A 3Km approx.

Ses Figueretas beach, or beach of Figueretas is located in the town of Ibiza .

S'Estanyol A 5Km approx.

In the municipality of Santa Eulalia beach can find S'Estanyol about eight kilometers from Ibiza and about nine miles from the parish of Santa Eulalia.

People closest to Pachá

Puig d'en Valls A 1459meters approx.

  Puig d'en Valls is located at the southern end of the municipality of Santa Eulalia, bordering the town of Ibiza.

Ibiza A 1552meters approx.

Tourism in Ibiza came from the hand of the sun and the beach party.

Jesus A 1608meters approx.

Jesus is one of the parishes of the municipality of Santa Eulalia, bordering the city of Ibiza.

Clubs nearest Pachá

Amnesia A 5Km approx.

The journey along the route of the clubs, few, very few have the history, charism and international relevance of the Amnesia Ibiza.

Space A 6Km approx.

Known initially as the largest island of the After Hours, the challenge to the authorities for the "common good" (rightly or not, can not believe that politicians on the island do something for the common good) limited the opening of this type of local specific days.

Discoteca Privilege Ibiza A 6Km approx.

If there is a place in the nightlife known for its enormous size (eight thousand) and his distinctive style, that's the nightclub Privilege Ibiza.

nearest tourism Pachá

Molino de Puig d´en Valls A 1086meters approx.

Puig d'en Valls is the name given to a hill near the city of Ibiza and at the top, we see his mill.

Iglesia del Convento A 1295meters approx.

Built on land donated by the Universitat d'Eivissa is the Church of the Convent of Santo Domingo.

Museo de Arte contemporáneo Ibiza A 1303meters approx.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza, MACE, is located in the area of Dalt Vila, occupying the armory.

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