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A spectacular sunset

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San Antonio, Sant Antoni de Portmany or is a township west of the island. It is administratively divided into parishes. Sant Rafel, declared traditional area of interest, is located half way between Ibiza and Sant Antoni. San Mateo is popularly known for its artisan production of wine. And Santa Agnes de Corona, whoknown for his landscapes of almond blossoms and rustic accent.

The parish of Sant Antoni was an ancient fishing village through tourism has renewed its structures and services, maintaining its charm and equipping of a modern and effective. The maritime connection with the town of Denia allows for intense activity in the port, the nearestBalearic Islands to the mainland.

The port is located next to City Hall, the Tourist Office and the bus stop, which connects San Antonio with other urbanized areas of the municipality and the city of Ibiza. The land transport have been improved significantly, allowing a smooth and safe traffic.

In the fieldtrade rules will not find in department stores, because they wanted to preserve small businesses both food and artisans. The great advantage is the schedule for these facilities will enable it to purchase almost any product any day of the week.

But if there is one thing that stands Sant Antoni, is its distinctly musical. From dusk to Caf & eacute; del Mar, with its incredible sunsets, to the madness of Amnesia, a great reputation among the British public, through the busy nights of the West, in the center of Sant Antoni.

List Hotels on Sant Antoni

tropical                      hotel tropical ***

The Tropical Hotel is located in the center of Sant Antoni. From this area you can access the most English party of the island.

FROM 33 €
marco polo                    hotel marco polo ***

The Marco Polo Hotel is located in the center of Sant Antoni. Long tradition of English, the area is full of pubs, bars and shopping centers.

FROM 29.28 €
pacific                       hotel pacific ***

Hotel Pacific is located on the border of the town of Sant Antoni, but by no means is far from the best beaches in the area.

FROM 23.04 €
piscis park                   hotel piscis park **

Hotel Piscis Park is located at the entrance of the town of Sant Antoni. Well-known residents, you can experience the festival in all its intensity, with the beach as a backdrop.

FROM 15.65 €
orosol                        hotel orosol *

Orosol Hotel is located in the center of Sant Antoni, with quick access to walk to town, beach and the best places in the coastal environment.

FROM 28 €
catalina                      hotel catalina *

Catalina Hotel is located on the coast of Sant Antoni, along with the most beautiful sunsets that the island has to offer.

FROM 26.52 €
palmyra                       hotel palmyra ****

Hotel Palmyra is situated by the beach of S ' Arenal, near the center, Es Paradis and West area, the quintessential English environment.

FROM 62.4 €
hawaii                        hotel hawaii ***

Hawaii Hotel is located in the wide bay of Sant Antoni, next to the beach. Not too far from the area of ??environment or too close to enjoy the tranquility in the off hours.

FROM 44.1 €
bellamar                      hotel bellamar ****

Bellamar Hotel is located in one of the tourist area of San Antonio, near the beach of Es Pouet, near the end of the municipality and a few meters from the sea.

FROM 85 €
puchet                        hotel puchet **

Puchet Hotel is located in one of the main traffic areas of San Antonio, opposite the beach and few meters from the town center.

FROM 24 €
osiris                        hotel osiris **

Osiris Hotel is located in the tourist area of Sant Antoni, a long walk from downtown and near the beach of Es Pouet.

FROM 47 €
galfi                         hotel galfi *

Very close to Es Paradis, Galfi Hotel is situated on the beach of Sant Antoni, close to many gay bars and a few meters from the biggest party girl in San Antonio

FROM 20.48 €
s'anforahotel s'anfora**

S ' Amphora Hotel is located on the beach of Sant Antoni, a few meters from the famous West, the quintessential English zone, surrounded by bars and music scene.

FROM 20.48 €
vedra                         hotel vedra *

In the town center of San Antonio found the Hotel Vedra, near the famous area known as West and where at nightfall no lack of atmosphere.

FROM 35 €
llevant                       hotel llevant *

Llevant apartments are on the beach of Figueretas, just meters from the sea. An area where you can mingle with the atmosphere of its streets, the hippy market and a comfortable walk from the center of the city.

FROM 30.15 €
marfil                        hotel marfil ***

Ivory Hotel is situated on the outskirts of the town of Sant Antoni. A perfect place to rest and a comfortable walk from the busiest area of ??town.

FROM 39 €
don juan                      hotel don juan *

Don Juan Hotel is located in the center of Sant Antoni, the area known as West. A few meters from the sea and the bus station, this property allows you to enjoy the nightlife in all its intensity.

FROM 21.15 €
gran sol                      hotel gran sol **

Hotel Gran Sol is located on the outskirts of San Antonio, opposite the beach of Es Calo des Moro and near the famous Café del Mar.

FROM 28 €
cala grassiohotel cala grassio***

Hotel Marco Polo is one of the most beautiful places in the town of Sant Antoni. Isolated from the heart of San Antonio and a short walk of it, is a perfect place to enjoy Cala or Cala Gració Gracioneta.

FROM 55.9 €
tanit                         hotel tanit ***

Tanit Hotel is located halfway between the beach of Cala Gració and the nucleus of Sant Antoni.

FROM 53.3 €
ok hotel bayhotel ok hotel bay***

The Ok Hotel Bay is located in San Antonio allows us to have on hand all the needs for a good holiday as it is centrally located.

ok hostalhotel ok hostal***

Ok hostel is located in downtown San Antonio. Surrounded by bars, restaurants and shops. The beach is 500 meters.

don pepehotel don pepe**

The Aparthotel Don Pepe is located in downtown San Antonio surrounded by atmosphere, bars, restaurants and only 500 m.

FROM 29.9 €

List Apartments on Sant Antoni

club maritimapartamentos club maritim**

The Club Maritim hotel is located in a quiet area of ??San Antonio and 600 meters from the beach to relax and sunbathe.

tramuntanaapartamentos tramuntana**

The Tramuntana Apartments are located in downtown San Antonio near everything, Passeig de Sant Antoni, church, bars, restaurants.

FROM 32 €
formentera iapartamentos formentera i**

Located about 50 meters from the beach in San Antonio, are the apartments Formentera I. Studies of this complex have satellite TV, air conditioning and all have balconies.

rita                          apartamentos rita **

Located a few meters from the West of San Antonio, Rita apartments are suitable for enjoying the nightlife.

casa maría                    apartamentos casa maría ***

In a street parallel to Passeig de Sant Antoni, in the heart of West environment, to find apartments Maritime House.

FROM 35 €
poniente playa                apartamentos poniente playa **

Poniente Playa Apartments in the center of Sant Antoni, will allow you to experience the English night during the day and enjoy the nearby beaches of Calo des Moro and Cala Gració.

FROM 25 €
los angeles                   apartamentos los angeles **

Behind the port of Sant Antoni find apartments Los Angeles, near the legendary Café del Mar, with its sunsets, the West party area and the bus stop.

FROM 39 €
confort plaza                 apartamentos confort plaza *

Confort Plaza Apartments are located in the center of Sant Antoni, next to the harbor and marina. A place with easy access to typical local bars and the famous sunsets in the locality.

FROM 28.6 €
san francisco                 apartamentos san francisco *

In one of the more touristy areas of downtown San Antonio Apartments San Francisco found. Surrounded by bars, restaurants and shops, you can experience all the nightlife of the town and the sun and the beach during the day.

FROM 30 €
sa clau                       apartamentos sa clau *

Facing the marina in San Antonio Apartments Sa Clau found. The distance to the bus stop is minimal, and access to beaches and the most set make it stand out.

FROM 26.52 €
excelsior                     apartamentos excelsior *

Excelsior Apartments will allow you to switch between the quiet day of Sant Antoni, including bars and shops, and night busy English.

FROM 33.5 €
sol bahía                     apartamentos sol bahía ***

A few meters from Calo des Moro, the most famous sunset of Ibiza Sol Bay Apartments found. Located by the sea, with easy access to Cala Gració.

FROM 50 €
es calo playa                 apartamentos es calo playa **

Just steps from the beach of Calo des Moro, behind the clinical center of Sant Antoni lies Apartments Es Calo.

FROM 25.74 €
costa mar                     apartamentos costa mar **

In one of the quietest areas of Sant Antoni, Apartments Costamar presents spectacular views at sunset.

FROM 36 €
el coto                       apartamentos el coto **

On the road from San Antonio to Cala Gració.

FROM 26.1 €

List tourist accommodation on Sant Antoni

can jaume curt                vivienda turística can jaume curt **

Bordering the town of Sant Antoni and close to the end of Ibiza, is the Tourist House Can Jaume Curt.

FROM 120 €

List Hostels on Sant Antoni

mari                          hostal mari **

A few meters from the West, Hostal Marí allow us to live the party and the nightlife of San Antonio.

FROM 34 €
ferrer                        hostal ferrer *

With access to the Paseo de Fonts, at the entrance of Sant Antoni, Hostal Ferrer is a perfect accommodation for the night who want to live intensely.

FROM 18 €
reco des sol                  hostal reco des sol ***

A quarter mile from the beach of El Arenal and is Pouet, Reco des Sol Hostel offers accommodation in a privileged position, away from downtown hustle enough to allow rest and get close enough to walk.

FROM 45 €
torres                        hostal torres *

A few hundred meters from Calo des Moro and about nine of the lively beach of Arenal ' S is the Hostal Torres.

FROM 21.15 €
valencia                      hostal valencia **

In the north of the town of Sant Antoni, away from the mess night, is the Hostal Valencia. With the beaches of Calo des Moro and Cala Gració within walking distance, this allows you to enjoy the rowdy night and rest during the day.

FROM 25 €
can jurat                     hostal can jurat **

A half mile from the beaches of El Arenal and is Pouet Can Jurat Hostal find, This section is the most noisy and touristy so the rest is assured.

FROM 25 €
florencio                     hostal florencio *

A few meters from the West and the walk from the Hostal Florencio found Fonts. The nearest beach is about a quarter mile and just past the water party at Es Paradis.

FROM 15 €
rita                          hostal rita *

The Rita Hostal in a small family resort where you can enjoy just 5 minutes from the nightlife of San Antonio, and which you will find in the heart.

rosalia                       hostal rosalia *

A hundred meters from Calo des Moro beach and in the city center is the Hostal Rosalia. Perfect for Ibiza's night life or beach day.

FROM 21 €
montaña                       hostal montaña *

From the center of nightlife, Mountain Hostel Ibiza allows you to combine the more rural with the beach and partying thousand feet, five hundred meters away.

FROM 21 €

List Camping on Sant Antoni

List guest house on Sant Antoni

marino                        casa de huéspedes marino **

Listed as Marine Hostel, this property is located in Sant Antoni, on the north, where you can easily reach the beach of Es Calo des Moro.

FROM 23 €

List Farm on Sant Antoni

List Hotels Apartments on Sant Antoni

bahía                         hoteles apartamentos bahía **

Located in a privileged location between the beach of Santa Eulalia and the magnificent marina, is Hotel Apartments Bay.

FROM 75 €
del mar                       hoteles apartamentos del mar **

Located on the Paseo de Fonts, Hotel Apartments Del Mar lives during the day most tourist activities between sources, bars and markets.

FROM 19.8 €
central city                  hoteles apartamentos central city **

The Central City Aparthotel are located in downtown San Antonio within walking distance of the most popular cafes in the city and about 500 meters from the beach.

blau parc calo des moro       hoteles apartamentos blau parc calo des moro ****

Located in one of the most popular incoming Sant Antoni, Calo des Moro, for its spectacular sunsets, hotels and apartments Calo Des Moro Blau Parc offers accommodation that will allow you to break from the bustling downtown and enjoy the nearby beaches.

FROM 78 €

List Residential Apartments on Sant Antoni

chalets vistabellaresidencias apartamentos chalets vistabella****

The villas consist of 11 Vistabella cottages surrounded by beautiful gardens and a quiet area surrounded by trees, plants and outdoor decor.

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